District Industries Centre comes under the Department of Industries and Commerce.

Industrial Co-operatives

  • It helps in rural industrialization
  • It provides employment to poor workers and Artisans
  • It provides more employment opportunities to Women-folk in rural
  • It provides economic empowerment to women
  • It provides for self-management system


  • State level: Industries Commissioner and Director of Industries and Commerce
  • Dist. level : General Manager, District Industries Centre
  • Administrative control: Department of Industries and Commerce

Procedure for Registration

  • Approval of project for the proposed society
  • Minimum 25 members are required
  • Preliminary meeting to be convened
  • Chief Promoter to be selected
  • Name to be selected for the proposed society
  • Share capital to be determined
  • Share capital to be collected from the proposed members
  • Share amount to be deposited in Co-op Bank
  • Registration fees to be remitted into Govt. account
  • 9 copies of By-laws to be prepared
  • Registration Application in form I
  • Minimum 25 proposed members should sign in the application and the By-laws
  • Application and By-laws to be submitted to the General Manager, District Industries Centre